Moondance - Characters
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Claude is a recent high school graduate with big plans that include staying inside and avoiding other people at all costs. This could be because he’s a savage werewolf with little control over himself, but it’s more likely due to the fact that he’s super socially awkward and nervous 24/7. He lives with his brother and sister-in-law, and watches an exceptional amount of mediocre movies. He has no time for your ginger jokes.

Eli Schmeli


Eli is a roving individual blessed with a natural knack for making people want to punch him in the face as soon as he opens his mouth.  Luckily for him, he possesses a unique ability that allows him to manipulate others’ emotional states using only his touch. This proves useful, especially when it comes to teasing Claude or stealing people’s wallets.  He fills his seemingly infinite amount of free time with looking for people to mess/flirt with and studying celebrity gossip.

hi i'm chef tony and I have a knife SO SHARP you can cut a pineapple in midair?!


Upon first glance, Tony looks like the kind of guy who could snap your femur in half with his bare hands. On the contrary however, he is a bubbly, kindhearted soul who uses his rippling muscles only to lift heavy sacks of flour that will inevitably be used to bake delicious scones and muffins.  He has much better control over his lycanthropy than his brother Claude, who is in turn smothered with br(/m)otherly affection.  

goin' with the FLO


Florence Ferreira is an embittered private detective who has felt the sting of being terminated from her dream job due to a questioning of her mental health. She seeks in earnest the unusual fellow who led to her occupational demise with hope for redemption. In the meantime, she receives several monthly calls about missing house pets and inquiries from the occasional paranoid spouse.

aka the character that used to play a much bigger part in Moondance before editing for time


Said to be a bit of a workaholic, Heather is a highly respected production manager in a firm that deals with graphic and interior design. When she’s not reminding employees about deadlines and ordering interns around, she can be found drinking tea, watching sci-fi movies, or decorating whatever cupcakes her husband Tony most recently produced.